Food Geographies Working Group Sponsored Sessions at the RGS-IBG Annual Conference, London 2017:

Food Localisation as Community-Building 
Convenor: Les Levidow

Food and power: Decolonising food systems and food research
Convenor: Charlie Spring

Geographies of global (sea)food markets: influences of consumer behaviour on sustainability and justice in the Global South
Convenor: Carole White 

Brexit and the Future of Agriculture, Food and Rural Society (co-sponsored with RGRG)
Convenors: Gareth Enticott & Damian Maye

Food in Urban Africa
Convenor: Shari Daya & Gareth Haysom

Alternative food geographies and the foodscapes of ‘clean eating’.
Convenors: Christine Barnes

Alternate food geography and the discursive production of gendered labour
Convenor: Regina Hansda

Different and Diverse Knowledges of (Rural) Food Access and Security? (co-sponsored with RGRG)
Convenors: Eifiona Thomas Lane  and Rebecca Jones

The cultural geographies of new food
Convenors: Jonas House  & Alexandra Sexton

Rethinking justice in city regional food systems planning
Convenor: Richard J Nunes


Food Geographies Working Group Sponsored Sessions at the RGS-IBG Annual Conference, London 2016:

Connecting food system sustainability and resilience through a geographical lens
Convenors: Damian Maye and James Kirwan

The Culture-Landscape-Economy Nexus of Food Production, Access, and Distribution
Convenor: Rebecca L. Farnum

Politicised technologies in agrofood systems
Convenor: Imogen Bellwood-Howard

Urban Food Justice & the Refugee ‘Crisis’
Conveners: Jen Bagelman, Gerry Pratt & Vicki Squire

A strategizing platform on urban political agroecology
Convenors : Barbara Van Dyck & Chiara Tornaghi

*Organising Food Access: Community Food, Governance and Place
Convenors: Dr Mags Adams & Dr Rebecca Sandover

Eater-Eaten Material Formations In, Against, and Beyond Consumer Relationships
Convenor: Suzanne Hocknell

The Food Rurality Nexus: Postgraduate & Early Career Session
Convenor:  Ms Hannah Brooking

Open discussion session: Doing Food research: method, transdisciplinarity and reflexivity
Convenors:  Charlotte Spring & Rebecca StClair

Cities as Nodes in the Food Nexus
Convenors: Dr Beth Perry and Dr Mike Hardman, Dr Gareth Hysom, Dr Peter Rundkvist, Stephen Agong.

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