CFP: Cities as Nodes in the Food Nexus: RGS-IBG AC16

Convenors: Dr Beth Perry and Dr Mike Hardman (University of Salford, UK), Dr Gareth Hysom (University of Cape Town, South Africa), Dr Peter Rundkvist (Business Region Gothenburg, Sweden), Stephen Agong (Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Univesity of Science and Technology (JOOUST), Kenya)
Session sponsored by the Food Geographies Working Group

These two interlinked sessions will explore how cities provide a unique crucible for exploring the food nexus. Starting with the Mistra Urban Futures network of cities in Sweden, South Africa, Kenya and the UK, the session will draw on live examples of food-based initiatives in each urban context to explore the dynamic interconnections in the urban food nexus. These include security, waste, justice, movements, governance, policy and practice and new themes will emerge throughout the session.

The first session will then focus on “Mapping the Urban Foodscape”. Each participant will present the landscape of food initiatives in their city via different forms of representation – this could involve posters, media, presentations etc. Each participant will be limited to 10 minutes. A discussion will be facilitated to identify key issues in the urban food nexus and select four themes for subsequent World Café discussion. The second session is called ‘Mapping the Urban Food Nexus’. A World Café discussion will take place around the four themes identified. Each table will be hosted by one of the Mistra Urban Futures city partners and then feedback issues which emerge from the discussions. A general reflection on ‘Cities as Nodes in the Food Nexus’ will take place, along with an identification of key priorities and opportunities for joint research-practice collaborations.

Overall, the sessions will provide an opportunity for examining how cities are themselves nodes in the food nexus and consider the combined role of research-practice relationships in addressing ‘wicked’ urban food issues. In the spirit of co-production, each attendee will have the opportunity to be an active participant and share and explore key themes from their own perspective. We therefore welcome expressions of interest to participate from academics and practitioners in different urban contexts in the Global South and North.

Please send a 250 word expression of interest to <b.perry [at]> and <m.hardman [at]> by 12th February. This should include full author details, a short description of the urban foodscape you wish to explore and examples of key initiatives, a short description of your research/practice interests and projects you have been involved in. We would also like to know how you would intend to use your 10 minutes to present the landscape of food initiatives in your chosen city.

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