CFP: The Culture-Landscape-Economy Nexus of Food Production, Access, and Distribution: RGS-IBG London 2016

Session Convenor: Rebecca L. Farnum (King’s College London)
Sponsored by the Food Geographies Working Group of the RGS-IBG

Food security continues to be a global problem and the focus of many sustainable development agendas and projects. Any multitude of factors impact the way food is produced, accessed, and distributed within societies. The availability of water is a prime consideration in agricultural production. Financial capital is often the prime determinant of how much and which level of quality food a family is able to consume, especially within cities. Specific dishes may take on particular celebratory or religious significance. This session will take a look at the interconnections between the cultural, environmental landscape, and economic dynamics of food in a variety of contexts. The session invites insights from both local case studies and theoretical scholarship to examine these relationships.

Papers and case studies exploring the issues above and highlighting good practice are invited. The convenor particularly welcomes proposals focused on novel research processes and creative programmes with proven outcomes. In considering this session’s theme, proposals might address:

* How do cultures, landscapes, finances, and food shape each other?

* How does culture impede or protect access to food and equal distributions?

* How do both rural and urban landscapes influence the production of and access to food in various locales?

* How do economic systems and incentives benefit or harm food security concerns?

* How are innovative projects addressing food insecurity via attention to issues of culture, landscapes, and/or economics?

This session will be formatted as a roundtable with 4-5 presentations lasting 12-15 minutes each followed by discussion across the case studies.

Please email queries and proposals (complete with title, abstract of 200-300 words, and presenter information) to Rebecca L. Farnum <rebecca.farnum [at]> The deadline for abstracts is Friday 12 February 2016.

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