CFP: A strategizing platform on urban political agroecology

Sponsor: Food Geographies Working Group, RGS
Session convenors : Barbara Van Dyck <barbaravdyck [at]> and Chiara Tornaghi <chiara.tornaghi [at]>

One of the more recent and potentially progressive contributions to the field of agri-food knowledge production is how researchers and peasants seek to reconnect and transcend the narrow boundaries of conventional approaches and academic disciplines by being open to–and inclusive of–different actors, knowledges, experiences and opinions in the knowledge co-production process. Especially concerning the cooperation between researchers and peasants, political agroecology and dialogo de saberes have emerged as promising concepts in the construction of more just food systems. This raises important questions for our work as scholarly food activists in European urban contexts. How does political agroecology distinguish and inform knowledge production in urban contexts? Why would we talk about urban political agroecology at all? What characterizes processes of knowledge production, circulation and reproduction of urban political agroecology? Which actors and knowledges are mobilized? What role for scholar activists and action research in political urban agroecology? And what does this mean regarding strategies and tactics to move towards urban food systems in tune with the value and principles of agroecology and food sovereignty.

In this strategizing panel, urban (scholarly) activists from different collectives, cities and universities will jointly reflect on how to mutually support each other methodologically in our transdisciplinary work in different urban localities.

Please send a motivation of why you would want to participate in this strategizing platform in max 300 words to <barbaravdyck [at]> and <chiara.tornaghi [at]> by Wednesday the 17th of February.

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