CFP: RGS-IBG 2017: Geographies of global (sea)food markets: influences of consumer behaviour on sustainability and justice in the Global South

Sponsored by Coastal and Marine Research Group & Food Geographies Working Group

Convened by Carole White (University of East Anglia, UK)

Global seafood production continues to increase every year with an ever-growing proportion coming from aquaculture in the Global South. Eating fish is promoted to consumers as a healthy (low fat, high protein and omega 3) and environmentally friendly food choice (lower carbon footprint). However, concerns including overfishing and environmental damage have increasingly led to demands for ethical seafood sourcing standards by consumers and retailers in the Global North. The number of labelling schemes has grown over the last few decades, with marked differences in standards including ethical concerns over labour use, animal and human health, biodiversity loss and ecosystem conservation. Although certification and other schemes aimed at changing consumer behaviour are often heralded as the path towards achieving sustainable and resilient food supply chains, little research exists on whether such schemes help to achieve improved outcomes for the environment, or justice for those working in food production. The development of ethical food schemes has in some cases placed high demands on small scale producers, particularly in the Global South exacerbating inequality and leading to injustice in some of the poorest parts of the world.

We welcome contributions from research that has critically explored some of the tensions in seafood production and consumption around the world including; social justice issues, ethical consumption, social and conservation marketing, fisheries governance and public behaviour associated with the global seafood market.

To submit a paper proposal for this session, please send an abstract of 250 words to Carole White ( by February 10th. Please also get in touch if you have any queries. Following a review by the FGWG and CMRG committees, successful applicants will be notified by February 14th if their paper will be included in the Session proposal.

All postgraduate presenters will be eligible for inclusion in CMRG’s Annual PGR Presentation Competition, which has a prize from the CMRG of £120. Information about previous winners can be found on the CMRG website:

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