CFP: RGS-IBG AC17: Alternate food geography and the discursive production of gendered labour

RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2017: ‘Decolonising geographical knowledges’. London, 29th August 2017-1st September 2017

Session Convenor: Regina Hansda (Independent Early Career Researcher)

Session Sponsor: The Food Geographies Working Group (FGWG)

In the recent scholarship on alternative food movement, questions of race and class—essentially the production and reproduction of ‘whiteness’ has been raised in the context of organic farming in the global North (Guthman, 2008). Within the broad spectrum of alternative agro-food scholarship, whether large or small-scale, corporate-mediated or community-supported, rural or urban agriculture, what invariably gets inadequate attention is the gendered dimensions of some of these practices. This session aims to understand how conventional framings or local-global discourse implicate, as well as render invisible racialised, gendered bodies that produce food through methods and techniques, which fall within ‘sustainable’, ‘ethical’ food and farming practices. Some of the other questions that this session aims to understand are: in what way some of the embodied, gendered, racialised experiences same or different in the context of global North and global South? How can some of these insights help in extending the food justice/labour geography/ ‘ethical’ food practices debates?

This session welcomes any kind of contributions, which are conceptual, methodological, and empirical in nature; and integrates interdisciplinary perspectives of environment and development politics, critical race/indigenous theory and feminist theories and methodologies amongst others.

Please send abstracts of no more than 250 words to by Monday 6th February.

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