Bangor Seminar

PRIFYSGOL BANGOR ar themau Tir, Treftadaeth Bwyd a Grym

Seminar ar lein 10yb – 4yp dydd Mercher 16/06/21 dros Zoom gyda cyfieithu ar y pryd.

BANGOR UNIVERSITY on themes of Land, Food Heritage and Power

Online seminar  10am – 4pm on  Wednesday 16/06/21 on Zoom with simultaneous translation from Welsh to English,.

Trefnwyr/Organised by:

  • Eifiona Thomas Lane
  • Rebecca Jones
  • Luke Prosser
  • Robat Idris
  • Carwyn Graves

Resources arising from the day:

Here are some links to accompany Sam’s presentation.
1- Iaith y Pridd
2- ‘Iaith y Pridd’ / The Language of the Land
3- The Lost Forest Gardens of Europe
4- June 2020 Survey of Agriculture and Horticulture: Results for Wales
5- Ffermio yng Nghymru a’r Gymraeg
6- Yr athronydd o Rydychen sy’n dysgu ffermio yng Nghymru

Links from Alastair McIntosh presentation:

  1. Community Land Scotland
  2. Scottish Land Commission
  3. Scottish Land Fund
  4. Nourish Scotland
  5. Glasgow City Food Plan
  6. The Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust
  7. The GalGael Trust
  8. When the Ferries Fail to Sail paper
  9. Alastair’s books

Links supporting Maggie’s presentation:

  1. Margaret Ogunbanwo
  2. Celebrating the diversity of the Welsh Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic community with a collection of world recipes
  3. The Melting Pot: World recipes from Wales
  4. Gwynedd businesswoman who was subjected to a racist attack speaks of the support she has received from the community

Additional resources and links:

Who Owns Wales || Pwy Bia Cymru

Community Land Scotland website for Iain MacKinnon’s and Andrew McKillop’s work on slavery money and the Highland Clearances (eviction of indigenous Scottish people). Here is the landing page, with specific links at the bottom

Internal colonisation readings: Cornel West, “Black Prophetic Fire”, Beacon, Boston, 2014; Christoher Roland (ed), The Cambridge Companion to Liberation Theology, CUP, 2007; of my books Soil and Soul (Aurum 2001) and for spiritual decolonisation, Poacher’s Pilgrimage: an Island Journey, Birlinn, Edinburgh, 2016.

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