Call for Food Geographies Working Group sponsored sessions, RGS-IBG AC 2018, Cardiff

The Food Geographies Working Group (FGWG) invites proposals for sponsored sessions at the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2018 being held at Cardiff University from Tuesday 28 to Friday 31 August 2018. Professor Paul Milbourne will chair the conference with the theme of ‘geographical landscapes / changing landscapes’.


Call for papers on “Thinking through connections: telecoupled transformations of urban food and energy systems”

Despite substantial advancements in the fields of food and energy geography, attempts to develop translocal and connective perspectives for studying the transformation of urban food and energy systems are sporadic (e.g. Eakin et al. 2017, Bridge 2017, Rutherford and Coutard 2014). The continued localist logic in many studies here risks re-producing accounts that fail to consider the different material and immaterial connections provided by underlying resource flows or food chains. This in turn potentially limits our understanding of how such connections are altered as a result of urban transformations.

Call for papers on “Food & drink heritage, rural tradition or novelty? Challenges for responsible development.”

Rural space has been traditionally recognised as spaces of food production and rich repositories of food and drink, traditions, heritage and provenance. Upon this foundation, both well-known and newer forms of rural leisure and rural tourism offers have been developed. Experiences from gastronomy within food tourism to more technical ventures in micro-brewing, artisan and lifestyle markets exemplify this potential.

Call for papers on “Community self-organisation and landscapes of food justice and sustainability”

This session considers the role of community self-organisation in relation to new landscapes of food justice and sustainability. Recent years have seen a flourishing of community-led initiatives aiming to create food systems which deliver nourishing food whilst upholding principles such as care for planetary resources, fair livelihoods for producers, food rights for consumers and compassion for animals.

Conference “Connections and missing links between urban agriculture, food and food systems” organised by Universidade Nova de Lisboa with the participation of RUAF

This call for abstracts intends to select papers that will be presented during a scientific event evolving around three sessions and that is organised by Universidade Nova de Lisboa with the participation of RUAF scholars on the 26th of April 2018. Contributions should fall under one of the following topics: 1) Connections and missing links between Food related fields of research; 2) Linking up actors and scales; 3) Shifting from UA and food projects to policies


RECOMS is an H2020 MSCA Innovative Training Network. The purpose of RECOMS is to train 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) in innovative, transdisciplinary and transformative approaches to promoting and facilitating resourceful and resilient community environmental practice. The ESR positions are fixed term for 36-months (beginning September 1st 2018). The ESRs will be employed with normal social security coverage by the host institutions and will have all benefits provided for in the MSCA-ITN early career fellowship regulations, including a highly competitive remuneration, living allowances and mobility expenses.

PhD scholarship: The Frontiers of Food Sovereignty and Agrarian Justice in the Amazon: A Community-Based Study of Political Agro-ecology in the State of Pará

The Human Geography pathway of the ESRC Wales Doctoral Training Partnership for Wales (Wales DTP) invites applications for funded PhD study, available to start in October 2018. The following collaborative studentships are available: ‘The Frontiers of Food Sovereignty and Agrarian Justice in the Amazon: A Community-Based Study of Political Agro-ecology in the State of Pará’ (In collaboration with Agro-ecology in Latin America)