Food Geographies sessions at RGS-IBG AC 2018

The Food Geographies Research group is sponsoring ten sessions in the upcoming RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, 28-31 August 2018, Cardiff, UK. Here is a list of the sessions. Queries and requests for more information should be sent to responsible session convenors. Confirmation of acceptance of sessions for the conference programme will be available at the end of March 2018.


Call for papers on “The socio-technical culture of the food supply chain: trade-offs and ambiguity”

 This session considers the complex interaction between humans, machines and the socio-cultural and socio-technical environmental aspects of our food systems.  The impact of applying technological solutions to feed a growing, largely urban global population is not deterministic. Instead, solutions arise from complex interactions within industrial, organisational and socio-economic contexts.

‘What might an ‘alternative’, agroecological post-Brexit foodscape look like? Exploring opportunities, challenges, evidence and ambition’

We invite contributions that address the current ‘happenings’ between Brexit and agri-food systems, with a particular interest in ‘alternative’ visions and practices surrounding agroecology and food sovereignty. Submissions with a focus on food policy, transition theory, (community) self-organisation and governance are especially welcome

Call for papers on “Thinking through connections: telecoupled transformations of urban food and energy systems”

Despite substantial advancements in the fields of food and energy geography, attempts to develop translocal and connective perspectives for studying the transformation of urban food and energy systems are sporadic (e.g. Eakin et al. 2017, Bridge 2017, Rutherford and Coutard 2014). The continued localist logic in many studies here risks re-producing accounts that fail to consider the different material and immaterial connections provided by underlying resource flows or food chains. This in turn potentially limits our understanding of how such connections are altered as a result of urban transformations.

Call for papers on “Food & drink heritage, rural tradition or novelty? Challenges for responsible development.”

Rural space has been traditionally recognised as spaces of food production and rich repositories of food and drink, traditions, heritage and provenance. Upon this foundation, both well-known and newer forms of rural leisure and rural tourism offers have been developed. Experiences from gastronomy within food tourism to more technical ventures in micro-brewing, artisan and lifestyle markets exemplify this potential.

Call for papers on “Community self-organisation and landscapes of food justice and sustainability”

This session considers the role of community self-organisation in relation to new landscapes of food justice and sustainability. Recent years have seen a flourishing of community-led initiatives aiming to create food systems which deliver nourishing food whilst upholding principles such as care for planetary resources, fair livelihoods for producers, food rights for consumers and compassion for animals.