CFP: The Food Rurality Nexus: RGS-IBG AC16

Convenor: Ms Hannah Brooking <hb110 [at]>
Session sponsored by the Food Geographies Working Group

Postgraduate and Early Career Session

This session will explore nexus relations between food and rurality. In the 1980s and 1990s, rural geography was closely associated with the geographies of agricultural food production, although during the latter decade a series of new ingredients were stirred into the constitution of rural studies, including many that seemed to have little or no connection with agricultural geographies. Despite some efforts to forge some lines of connection (e.g. Morris & Evan 1999; Cheshire 2012), the geographies of food and the geographies of rurality have often been examined in isolation from one another, particularly empirically where food geographies have increasingly focused on areas beyond the rural, and also in the theoretical registers being used. The emergence of nexus thinking, however, may provide an opportunity for recognising new connections, interdependencies, trade-offs and tensions between food and rurality. The demands of the globalised food-supply chains, for instance, may transform, create unsustainable demands on or detrimentally impact a range of human and more-than-human constituents of rural space, including water courses, soils, plants, wildlife, landscapes, and human communities. The rural, or images and imaginings of the rural, may be crucial in the marketing of food, travelling together to places that are far from their rural places of origin, as well as potentially attracting people into particular rural localities.

This session wants to hear from postgraduates and early career researchers who wish to present their research proposals and research results in a friendly and constructive forum.

Papers are welcome on any areas of research addressing food and rurality, including but not limited to studies of: rural agricultural production; rural food networks and marketing; the marketing of rural places through food; farming communities and the impact of changes in food production on rural communities, transformations of rural space through agri-food production; relations between agri-food and other forms of rural land users; the environmental demands of food production on rural areas; food and rural landscape transformations; food and the re-composition of rural identities, and the globalisation and/or localisation of rural space through food

Deadline for submitting abstracts is Monday 8th February 2016

Please send abstracts up to a maximum of 250 words and proposed titles (clearly stating name, institution, and contact details) to Ms Hannah Brooking <hb110 [at]>

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