CFP: Organising Food Access: Community Food, Governance and Place: RGS-IBG AC16

Convenors: Dr Mags Adams & Dr Rebecca Sandover 
Session sponsored by the Food Geographies Working Group

The increase of community food projects based in the UK and globally affords the opportunity for academics to explore the emergent governance of these projects. Whilst ad hoc place-based groups emerge in specific locales, the spread of formalised community food focused projects with national and global reach also impact localised communities. These differing spheres of operation may affect the potential of these projects to impact policy and praxis and their potential to disseminate food knowledge. Therefore this session seeks to explore the role of community food projects as catalysts in generating food knowledge and in shaping access to food governance. In what way do the differing levels of formalised structures and reach change how community food projects operate? We welcome perspectives that-

• Critically examine community food projects as actants for enabling food justice
• How the governance of local food projects affect their engagements with local communities and shaping policy
• Examine the tensions between food knowledge diffusion and the differing modes of organisation of community food projects
• Critically examine the role of place itself as a melting pot of opportunities for access to food and generating food knowledge
• Question the extent to which community food projects transcend place boundaries to generate wider impacts and cross the seeming gulf of urban vs rural food research
• Examine the modes by which academics research community food projects and the role of the practitioner-researcher
• Explore community food projects and web 2.0: the role of online spaces in assisting the spread of food projects

Proposals for papers, with a title, a short abstract of 250 words and your full contact details, should be sent to one of the co-organisers by Wednesday 17th February – Dr Mags Adams <M.Adams [at]> & Dr Rebecca Sandover <rebeccasandover [at]>

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