Food Geographies WG

Welcome to the website of the Food Geographies Working Group RGS-IBG.

We hope to use this space to facilitate conversation, as well as to share knowledge, experiences, and training opportunities.

The aim of the Food Geographies Working Group is to bring together geographers who study all aspects of food, from across the breadth of geography’s sub-disciplines, and to raise the profile of geography as a key voice in food related research, policy, knowledge, and action.

Contact us:  foodgeographies [at]

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Food Geographies Working Group Sponsored Sessions at the RGS-IBG Annual Conference, London 2017:

Food Localisation as Community-Building 
Convenor: Les Levidow

Food and power: Decolonising food systems and food research
Convenor: Charlie Spring

Geographies of global (sea)food markets: influences of consumer behaviour on sustainability and justice in the Global South
Convenor: Carole White 

Brexit and the Future of Agriculture, Food and Rural Society (co-sponsored with RGRG)
Convenors: Gareth Enticott & Damian Maye

Food in Urban Africa
Convenor: Shari Daya & Gareth Haysom

Alternative food geographies and the foodscapes of ‘clean eating’.
Convenors: Christine Barnes

Alternate food geography and the discursive production of gendered labour
Convenor: Regina Hansda

Different and Diverse Knowledges of (Rural) Food Access and Security? (co-sponsored with RGRG)
Convenors: Eifiona Thomas Lane  and Rebecca Jones

The cultural geographies of new food
Convenors: Jonas House  & Alexandra Sexton

Rethinking justice in city regional food systems planning
Convenor: Richard J Nunes


Food Geographies Working Group Sponsored Sessions at the RGS-IBG Annual Conference, London 2016:

Connecting food system sustainability and resilience through a geographical lens
Convenors: Damian Maye and James Kirwan

The Culture-Landscape-Economy Nexus of Food Production, Access, and Distribution
Convenor: Rebecca L. Farnum

Politicised technologies in agrofood systems
Convenor: Imogen Bellwood-Howard

Urban Food Justice & the Refugee ‘Crisis’
Conveners: Jen Bagelman, Gerry Pratt & Vicki Squire

A strategizing platform on urban political agroecology
Convenors : Barbara Van Dyck & Chiara Tornaghi

*Organising Food Access: Community Food, Governance and Place
Convenors: Dr Mags Adams & Dr Rebecca Sandover

Eater-Eaten Material Formations In, Against, and Beyond Consumer Relationships
Convenor: Suzanne Hocknell

The Food Rurality Nexus: Postgraduate & Early Career Session
Convenor:  Ms Hannah Brooking

Open discussion session: Doing Food research: method, transdisciplinarity and reflexivity
Convenors:  Charlotte Spring & Rebecca StClair

Cities as Nodes in the Food Nexus
Convenors: Dr Beth Perry and Dr Mike Hardman, Dr Gareth Hysom, Dr Peter Rundkvist, Stephen Agong.

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