Future meat landscapes: new cultures growing from the lab

Neil Stephens, Clemens Driessen and Alexandra Sexton
Tuesday 26th April 2016 – 4:00pm
Committee Rooms, Glamorgan Building

In recent years the idea of cultured or ‘in vitro’ meat seems to have become more and more real. The public announcement and consumption of the first hamburger made from cells cultured in a laboratory stirred global interest, whereby for many it is unclear what to think of this category crushing new object. The promise of environmentally friendly meat without the need to kill animals (a few would merely suffer the inconvenience of a small biopsy) is broadly appealing. Imagining to actually eat it is something else, whereas contemplating how this technology would change our landscape and culture confronts us with the realities of current meat production and forces many to examine their moral experiences and political positions.

This afternoon Neil Stephens (sociology, Brunel University) and Clemens Driessen (philosophy/geography Wageningen University , the Netherlands) will interactively discuss the promises, the realities and the public responses to this idea that aims to drastically change existing meat cultures and landscapes. With commentary by Alexandra Sexton (geography, Kings College London).

Followed by drinks and an in vitro meat performance by Laura Colebrooke and Mara Miele (Cardiff University)



MSc in Food, Space and Society, Cardiff University

This exciting Masters programme in Food, Space and Society offers in-depth insights into:

· the opportunities for (and barriers to) food security, sustainability and justice;

· the implications of food policies on spatial and socio-economic relationships between different actors in the food system and between rural and urban areas; and

· the development effects of strategies that address the welfare and health needs of the human and animal population.

The programme involves six bespoke modules, addressing key issues in the contemporary global food system, alongside a food-related dissertation on a topic selected by each student in consultation with members of staff. The core modules are Worlds of Food, Spaces of Food Consumption, Sustainable Food Systems, Researching Sustainability, Food Security and Justice and Meat Debates.

The course is designed and taught by staff from the Research Centre for Sustainable Urban and Regional Food (SURF), who have longstanding and world-renowned expertise on changing geographies of food; led by Prof Roberta Sonnino, the teaching team also includes Dr Chris Bear, Dr Ana Moragues Faus, Prof Terry Marsden, Prof Mara Miele, Prof Paul Milbourne and Prof Kevin Morgan. The teaching team’s engagement in agenda-setting research ensures that students are exposed to the most recent debates in food studies and are involved with our extensive network of stakeholders.

The degree will be of particular interest to those people wishing to gain expertise in contemporary food geographies, offering the knowledge and expertise for developing a research career or taking advantage of the increasing professionalization of food jobs in the private and public sectors.

Further details, including on how to apply, are available HERE.  If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Roberta Sonnino <SonninoR [at] cardiff.ac.uk> or any member of the course team.

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