Food Geographies session proposals for RGS-IBG AC 2019

The Food Geographies Working Group (FGWG) invites session proposals for the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2019 being held in London from Wednesday 28th August to Friday 30th August 2019. Professor Hester Parr will chair the conference with the theme of‘geographies of trouble / geographies of hope’.  The deadline for session proposals is Monday 7th January 2019. Proposals for, or  questions about, FGWG sponsored sessions should be sent to Dr Michael Hardman via m.hardman [at]

“Weare said to live in troubled times. Newsfeeds stream endless updates of political stalemate, Brexit-related anxieties, threats of chemical geopolitics and pending economic crises. Particular world regions or discrete places are often declared unstable in their troubles. People constantly migrate across the world, seeking something else, but at critical risk from seas, gangs and public rejection. Powerful leaders are said to be making their mark via protectionist policies, promising to bring long-due privilege back home. Meanwhile, the earth heats, landscapes degrade and climate becomes a war of words and the subject of belief. Such a troubling list inevitably registers in different ways with different people, places and expert communities. Some take action, while others struggle for a sense of meaning and place-in-the-world, alienated by the stark polemics – and circuitous debates – provoked by the apparent challenges tied to contemporary planetary inequalities.”

You can find out more at:

In keeping with this theme, we would particularly welcome sessions exploring:

  • Brexit and food, particularly focussing on the troubles we will encounter and hopes for the future
  • Urban agriculture in a time of expansion andover-population, either in the Global North and/or South
  • Grassroot practices and how they address contemporary troubles and provide hope with regards to food security
  • The troubles surrounding food waste and the food geographies in general; reflecting on hopes for the future and best practice for addressing issues
  • Food governance and policy at a local/regional/national level as a means of building resilience/improving population health
  • Methodologies addressing hope/trouble in food geographies
  • New relocalised food/community food purchasing and food redistribution models 
  • Creative responses and community action
  • Issues of labour in a time of borders
  • Sessions from ECRs or PhD students exploring areas within the food geographies field

However,we are also open to sessions that engage food geographies more broadly. A summary of the group’s interests can be found here:

Sessions may take the form of presented papers, panels, practitioner forums, discussions or workshops. Innovative sessions and formats are encouraged.

Proposals should include-

  1. Title of session;
  2. Name of Co-sponsoring groups, if applicable
  3. Name and Contact Details for Session Convenors
  4. Abstract, outlining scope of session  -200 words max.
  5. Number of session time slots that are sought.
  6. Indication of preferred organisation of session, e.g. 4 x 20 min presentation,plus 20 min discussion or 5 x 15 min presentation, with 5min question for each,we welcome creative formats. Sessions last 1 hour 40 mins.
  7. Indication of any non-standard arrangements, please note there will not be support for Skype or other forms of distance participation at AC2019. However,individual session organisers are welcome to incorporate presentations in this format into their sessions if they feel confident they can do so within the ITsetup provided (all rooms will have laptop, projector, screen, speakers and internet connection).

The deadline for session proposals is Monday 7th January 2019. Proposals for, or  questions about, FGWG sponsored sessions should be sent to Dr Michael Hardman via m.hardman [at]


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