List of inspirational agroecology videos

A picture is worth a thousand words, but what about videos? Here is a list with some documentaries and other visual sources dealing with agroecology, food and food systems. This list was inspired by a recent question posted by Wolfram Dressler in the Critical Geography Forum.

What do you think about this list? Did we miss something. Please let us know in the comments!

Let’s Food Cities projet

(Español abajo – Français ci dessous)

For the past 2 months, in the framework of the Let’s Food Cities project and the cooperation between Bordeaux Métropole (France) and the State of Guanajuato, the Let’s Food association have been conducting a food system assessment of Guanajuato, Mexico and its surroundings.

The assessment has involved more than 40 interviews with local actors and 2 multi stakeholders consultative workshops. A closure event was held on the 6th of December to present the results of the assessment, and discuss the possible projects to be taken up. On this occasion, a market of local initiatives with positive impact was organized on one of the main square of the city, and the 30-minute video illustrating Guanajuato food system was revealed.

Jardin Interior : Garden Inside

This short film was made by, with, and for urban food producers and allies in Seville, part of an on going doctoral research project exploring the spatial and political significance of urban community gardens. For more information please see “Garden Inside: Communication, Representation and Transformation in Seville’s Urban Gardens in Canadian Food Studies/La Revue canadienne des études sur l’alimentation:

Agroecology – Voices from Social Movements

This video explores the different perspectives of food providers on agroecology and the calls from social movements to embed agroecoogy in the struggle for food sovereignty. It focuses on the International Declaration for Food Sovereignty which has been advanced by social movements to claim agroecology as a bottom up practice, science and movement and the most important pathway towards a most just, sustainable and viable food and agriculture system.

More than just food

A film about how community organisations are using food to help overcome loneliness and everyday food insecurity, while also transforming their communities. Eating together with others, what I call social eating, has so many benefits.

Fishing for Food Sovereignty 

Industrial fishing, from deep sea trawling to coastal fish farms, is damaging the environment and emptying our oceans. But there is an alternative. Small-scale fishers around the world rely on traditional methods and practices, working in harmony with the environment to feed themselves and their communities. Around the world they are rallying around the idea of food sovereignty and the vision of a global food system with food producers and human rights at its center.

Land Grabbing—The Movie’ (2015)

A movie by Kurt Langbein. It begins with ethnographic stories of primitive accumulation and proletarianisation in Cambodia and land grabs in places like Ethiopia and Romania

Seed: The untold story

Few things on Earth are as miraculous and vital as seeds. Worshipped and treasured since the dawn of humankind, these subtle flecks of life are the source of all existence. Like tiny time capsules, they contain the songs, sustenance, memories, and medicines of entire cultures. They feed us, clothe us, and provide the raw materials for our everyday lives. In a very real sense, they are life itself.

In Our Hands Trailer

In Our Hands explores a quiet revolution that is transforming the way our food is produced and distributed. Our current industrial food system is a vast and wheezing giant that is only upheld by a stilted subsidy regime that pays out to landowners and leaves many farmers by the wayside.

Growing Cities

Growing Cities is an inspiring new film about urban farming in America, which will be screening on PBS this Fall! Host-a-screening in your community:…

Soil, Struggle and Justice: Agroecology in the Brazilian Landless Movement

This film examines a cooperative of the Brazilian Landless Movement (MST) in the South of Brazil, which struggled for access to land and then transitioned to ecological agriculture, or agroecology. This MST cooperative is demonstrating the possibility of an alternative model of flourishing rural life, which provides thriving livelihoods for farmers, produces high quality and low cost food for the region, and rehabilitates the earth. Please see for the final version, which is available to share freely. This is a low-fi early release, without final edits.

Regreening Niger – road trip with Chris Rejj

This 9 minute film is an insight into the work of soil and water conservation expert, Dr Chris Reij in June 2012. We join him on a whistle-stop tour of communities in southern Niger. This area is right on the edge of the Sahara and yet growing in the sandy soil are an abundance of vegetables, cereal crops and trees. The film was made with funding support from IFAD.

Agroecology: farmer’s perspectives

The video outlines three case studies of farmers utilizing agroecological practices in their farming systems. It focuses on complex adaptive rice systems in the Easter part of the island of Java, Indonesia; on a large-scale farm in the Netherlands applying sustainable soil management practices; and on social aspects of agroecology as a movement in Brazil.

Agroecology in Movement

Agroecology in movement makes part of a bigger project in which farmers from around the world give their perspectives on agriculture in general and show their successful agroecological cultivation systems.

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