Call for Papers – Urban Agriculture, Education, Food Pedagogy

Call for papers on ‘Urban Agriculture, Education, Food Pedagogy’ for the Agriculture and Food in an Urbanizing Society Conference from September 17-21, 2018 in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Working Group: Feeding The City: Urban/Peri-Urban Agriculture And Food Pedagogy

The role of Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture (UPA) as a food-producing practice has been increasingly recognised through the late 20th and early 21st Centuries. This is in part due to intensifying social, economic and environmental problems in cities of underdeveloped countries, and the growing interest in consuming high-quality food and connecting with nature in niche communities of developed countries. UPA is a knowledge-intensive practice and therefore requires highly skilled practitioners, and the knowledge-sharing systems to support their development. At the same time, sites of UPA can support a range of learning opportunities, including learning about horticultural/agricultural practices, managing volunteers/employees, the environment and sustainability, and running a business. The aim of this working group is to explore the role of UPA in feeding cities, the scope for UPA as a pedagogical tool, and knowledge and skill development to support UPA.  On the topic of feeding cities, we invite proposals exploring: policy interventions to increase food supply from UPA in cities; contributions UPA can make to local food access; the scope of food-producing UPA in generating employment and income; and the role of UPA in reducing inequalities, poverty, and food insecurity. Proposals are also welcomed relating to UPA’s pedagogical scope, exploring: the role of education in the development of UPA as a food-producing practice; learning about UPA and growing practices; the potential for UPA as a pedagogical tool to support learning in various forms; formal, non-formal, and informal teaching/learning about UPA; and applications of/contributions to educational and pedagogical theories in the context of UPA.

Please submit abstracts through this platform:

For more information about the requirements for the abstracts visit:

Deadline for abstract submission is June 8, 2018.

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