Call for papers “Entrepreneurial Urban Agriculture: Sustaining Growing Activities”

RGS-IBG Annual Conference, Cardiff 2018

Session sponsored by the Food Geographies Working Group

Session convenors:

Ross Young (University of Aberdeen) and Michael Hardman (University of Salford)

Urban Agriculture (UA) is a multifaceted activity, but in its most basic form involves the growing of produce and/rearing of livestock in cities. It has received increased academic interest in the Global North with regards to its potential to address social justice (Milbourne, 2012; Wekerle, 2004; Wolch, Byrne, & Newell, 2014), health (Armar-Klemesu, 2000; Guitart, Pickering, & Byrne, 2013; Hale et al., 2011) and political issues (Certomà & Tornaghi, 2015; Cretella & Buenger, 2015; Kato, Passidomo, & Harvey, 2014). UA has been positioned as a response to neoliberal and austerity movements, providing social services previously provided by the state. However, in the case of UA as an entrepreneurial endeavour, preliminary research in the Global North suggests that due to running costs, the sale of fruit and vegetables is not enough to sustain these sites and instead they are evolving and becoming sites of agri-tourism and education (Howard Schutzbank & Riseman, 2013; Kaufman & Bailkey, 2000; Weissman, 2015). However, in the Global South, these sites appear more viable as viable sites for fruit and vegetable sale (Ezedinma & Chukuezi, 1999; Hovorka, 2004; Thom & Conradie, 2013). This session would invite contributions exploring this entrepreneurial aspect of UA from the Global North and South. Research has shown that policy can have a significant effect on the success of these sites in urban areas (Cretella & Buenger, 2015; Hovorka, 2004). Therefore we welcome contributions from a policy and case study perspective.

Please send abstracts of no more than 250 words to both Ross Young ( and Michael Hardman ( by Friday 9th February.

Full details on the RGS-IBG AC 2018 conference can be found here and information about the RGS-IBG FGWG can be found here.


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