Food banks, hunger and poverty: whose responsibility?

Join us in learning about UK/USA responses to food insecurity, with two speakers sharing their research into the impact of food charity on how society responds to hunger and poverty (details of speakers below). There will be light refreshments and time for Q+A discussion. Their books will be available for purchase after the event.


Andy Fisher, author of ‘Big Hunger: The Unholy Alliance Between Corporate America and Anti-Hunger Groups‘ will talk about his book, which explores the growth of food banks across America since the 1980s in response to deepening economic insecurity. He argues that instead of challenging the government and corporations to provide living wages and good jobs, to support unions and oppose globalization, the anti-hunger movement has instead built alliances with Walmart, Monsanto and other socially irresponsible companies. Big Hunger reveals the damage caused by this hunger-industrial complex and offers a new vision for the anti-hunger movement to eliminate hunger through a focus on health, economic justice and local economies.

Hannah Lambie-Mumford, Research Fellow at SPERI, University of Sheffield, will discuss her recently-published book ‘Hungry Britain: the rise of food charity. Drawing on empirical research with the UK’s two largest charitable food organisations, Hannah’s book explores the prolific rise of food charity over the last 15 years and its implications for overcoming food insecurity: where does responsibility lie for ensuring everyone can realise their human right to food as the welfare state withdraws?

We would like to invite anyone involved or interested in the food industry, food charity, hunger and welfare to come and discuss these important issues: what is the role of policy-makers? Of volunteers? Of industry? How can we turn theory into practice?

Location:  Bridge 5 Mill (formerly Merci), 22A Beswick St, Manchester M4 7HR (wheelchair accessible)

When: Thursday, November 9th6-8pm

Please let us know you’re coming by registering a (free) ticket on Eventbrite:

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